3 things we have learnt from working in an Event Centre!

Mohammad and Rebecca are part of the ORT House Events team and will help you run a smooth event

Mohammad and I love working at ORT House. We love meeting different people every day and helping people create the best event possible.

Mo in particularly is on the front line of customer service but between us we think we have learnt a few things that can be applied to all event and conference centres. If you are looking for some hard-earned wisdom look no further!

Everyone is banging the same drum

The events team, the catering team, accounts, facilities, cleaning staff – we all want the same, an event that runs smoothly and successfully from the initial enquiry, to the confirmation, to the day of the event to payment. It’s really important that everyone cares in order to create customer service that is consistent and if it isn’t, really listen to what your clients are saying as they are the ones who are experiencing it.


We aren’t an international conference centre with a helipad on the roof, a green room, holographic displays and ice sculptures and neither we are we pretending to be. We are a budget friendly, comfortable and fantastically located events space with everything you need to run your event efficiently with a very willing team, and we are pretty proud of that. We want our visitors to enjoy their time with us so we like to keep it honest and we hope that is obvious from all of our dealings with you.

Creating a positive impact

Cheesy? Maybe. But in truth, being able to have a positive impact makes life feel better – whether you are organising an event, or are part of one. Yes, there are challenges, and challenging situations. But that is all par for the course. Just remember the two points above. We are all banging the same drum and honestly, we all want things to go well. So, going that extra mile to make something run smoothly (whether it is noticed by anyone else or not) is part of the deal. Treating each delegate with the care and respect that they deserve is part and parcel. And offering a smile and a warm welcome to all makes us feel good. And we are pretty sure it has the same effect on our clients too.

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