5 ways to make your delegates happy.

There are blog posts for introspection and business analysis but this is not one of them.

This blog post is about what matters the most to us: making our clients and their delegates happy about their corporate training, meeting or conference so they can make the most it.

And for this article, we didn’t go much further than the basics of happiness: the first steps of the Maslow pyramid about fulfilling our primary needs and our need for connection and belonging.

These are 5 important and sure-fire ways to keep your delegates happy.


Almost everybody wants to use the WIFI whether for professional or personal reasons. Have good guest WIFI, make it free, and have a simple code that is available and easily accessible.

At ORT House, our wifi is available for all our clients and their delegates, and we make sure the connection stays at its best.


Some like it hot, some like it cold. Spend some time helping your delegates find their happy with the room temperature and they will thank you for it.

At ORT House, we can manage the temperature of each room separately ; you just need to ask us to turn it up or down!

Stay hydrated

We offer complimentary bottles of still and sparkling ice cold water in the meeting rooms, with refreshments and lunch, and we keep the bottles topped up. We want our clients feeling truly refreshed so they get the most out of their event.

Include everyone

There is a whole separate post on accessibility but it’s so important it’s worth mentioning again. We don’t just mean access for those with disabilities, although we are fully accessible in that regard. It’s understanding that events can be overwhelming or tricky for those who may be a bit more vulnerable for whatever reason. Keep an eye out for those people, offer a kind smile or a supportive

word. Having a place to offer someone to take some time out just for a few minutes can help. Everyone deserves their experience to be the best it can be.


Last but not least, ensure you have plenty of good hot coffee ready for your client’s refreshment breaks. It will bring a much-appreciated boost to any event. Keep it hot and keep it coming!

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  1. Katherine

    Really enjoy reading your blog and learning about what it takes to keep delegates happy. Thanks for posting.

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