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So ORT House’s new website went live last week. We couldn’t be more thrilled  with it, and we are pretty sure you are all finding it much easier on the eye and much more user friendly and informative, than it’s previous incarnation. Our website was created by the hugely talented Ceclie Dhour at Mindful Marketing https://ceciledhour.com and our journey to our new website started last summer, when we asked Cecile to help us with the marketing side of our business. Our focus at ORT House has always been on doing our utmost to ensure your events is a success, so a warm welcome and a ‘can do’ attitude was something that we already knew the importance of. What we needed, was help in understanding the world of branding and social media. And this is where Cecile came in – what she doesn’t know about marketing strategy, branding identity, content marketing and social media isn’t worth knowing.  Trust us.  Working closely with Cecile, we found out that along with having a great Conference Centre to show off, our strengths are that we genuinely want to ensure that your events run smoothly and successfully, that we enjoy positive relationships with you, our clients, and that we pride ourselves on our reputation for going the extra mile for those who come through our doors. We also realised what we were not – which was just as helpful! Cecile brilliantly built a clear profile of ORT House, and based on that, designed a website that could clearly reach out to you – our clients and prospective clients – in a way that we had never done before. The website is an honest reflection of who we are, and what we can offer. It has had a huge impact on keeping us ever more committed to offering the best service to you, in the best way we know how to.

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